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The Global Manufacturing Operations (GMO) division coordinates the global procurement processes. The core responsibility of GMO is also to coordinate the expertise in manufacturing methods and processes, quality management, strategic purchasing, and supply chain management closely within Fresenius Medical Care. The aim is to

  • further increase the efficiency of our processes
  • better manage risks, and therefore costs
  • improve returns on our invested manufacturing-related capital

Production sites with long-standing experience in manufacturing are company-wide competence centers that encourage the exchange of best practices – i. e. especially successful procedures and methods. Furthermore, production plants in the regions supply each other with products and components. This applies to products that can be adapted to local requirements, but are based on standardized core materials and technologies, enabling manufacturing capacities to be employed more flexibly and thus more efficiently on a global basis.

Our employees in strategic purchasing in Europe, the United States, and Asia closely coordinate the procurement strategy with one another and continue to expand our supplier network. Their key objectives are to ensure the supply of raw materials from different currency areas and to manage relationships with the company’s main suppliers as effectively as possible. We coordinate tenders and negotiations for the purchase of raw materials or components needed by more than one site are centrally coordinated through cross-regional project teams. Suppliers must meet strict product specifications and adhere to the principles of our codes of conduct.

Our existing supplier management system is supplemented by our risk management process. This monitors the relations with strategic suppliers on the basis of uniform criteria. These criteria include the availability of the required materials of consistently high quality, currency risks, and the likeliness of natural disasters.

We implemented an automatic supply management in many countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, ensuring that our national warehouses are refilled when their inventory reaches a defined minimum level. In this way, we intend to further enhance both the supply availability and the cost efficiency of our supply chain.

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